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The rising influence of smartphones in our lives has also impacted the way we execute business communication. Still, we cannot rule out some sort of a formal mechanism when it comes to official communication.

Adoption of Cloud Backed Communication Solutions on the Rise

Having an elaborate mechanism at the official level also creates a good impression on existing and prospective customers of the business. It builds a strong perception that the organization is being run in a professional manner.

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In addition to that, an organized communication system in place also improves organizational efficiency as nothing beats the experience of a one on one conversation over the phone. Typing too many long messages is time consuming and annoying as well.

Technology Shift

Cloud Powered Solutions are rapidly becoming the quintessential answer to many organizational problems. The same can be said about cloud based phone systems that are deployed by companies for business calls.

Firstly, you need to setup a proper phone exchange on premise that handles all calls in general and incoming calls in particular. In most cases, the dialer is not even aware of the exact number or extension of the person concerned.

In these cases, you need to employ trained phone operators that prioritize and direct callers to the relevant departments or individuals. Although this may not be much of an issue but such systems are quickly becoming obsolete.

The conventional, on premise phone systems are being replaced by cloud powered communications solutions that are both efficient and cost effective. These solutions come in the form of cloud based voice or Unified Communications (UC) platforms.

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Disaster Recovery

The conventional, on premise communication solutions are mostly restricted to the physical workspace. This implies that employees cannot avail those communication solutions while they are away from the office space.

Many disasters such as pandemics, earthquakes and floods etc. can render the office workspace either inaccessible or unusable. This in turn will render the on premise communications solution completely useless in most cases.

Business Continuity

Cloud hosted voice or unified communications (UC) platforms on the other hand are a reliable and robust solution in the aftermath of unplanned disruptions. They can play a pivotal role in the Business Continuity (BC) roadmap of an organization.

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So long as there is internet or wireless connectivity, employees can remain in touch themselves and also entertain customer calls or queries even in the wake of an unplanned disruption or disaster.

Augment Remote Work

In extraordinary circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic, employees may be forced to execute work remotely. In such a scenario, the ability of employees and teams to communicate effectively may be crucial to getting things done.

Cloud based UC platforms are highly suited for Work from Home (WFH) or remote work scenarios as everyone in the team or organization can remain connected at all times. This in turn will mitigate the adverse effects of forced remote work scenarios.

Smartphone Integration

Most cloud powered voice or unified communication (UC) solutions can seamlessly integrate with your smartphone. This further enhances your capability to remain connected even while you are on the move and get the job done.

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Ease of Use

So far as cloud based voice solutions are concerned, they are super easy and light to use. Even if you don’t have a high end smartphone or high bandwidth internet, you can still get things done over voice based communication.

Useful Features

Cloud backed communication solutions come with a host of useful features that add to both ease and productivity. Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call center functionality are some of these useful features.


Cloud based UC solutions will also seamlessly integrate with many other cloud based or generic applications such as email, calendar and instant messaging to name a few. This will make your work much more streamlined and efficient.

Regulatory Compliance

In case of many regulated industries, the ability to provide a seamless communications channel that is open at all times and immune from disruptions may be mandated by law. At times, your customers or key stakeholders may demand such a robust solution.

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The cloud powered voice or unified communication solutions have a lot to offer for a fraction of the cost. Most such solutions also come free of charge for base functionality or reasonably long trial periods spanning many weeks.

Cloud powered UC or voice solutions can play a crucial role in Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) scenarios. The ensuing Covid-19 pandemic is a contingency where these solutions have proved to be a valuable solution.