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We are rapidly progressing towards a data driven world. Not only are the volumes of data being generated reaching astronomical proportions, storing all this data is also becoming a cause for real concern.

The Most Viable Habitat for Quantum Computing is the Cloud

Once you have surpassed the challenges around data management and storage, that’s where the real dilemma begins. How to analyze and manipulate this data into various scenarios that can result in beneficial or actionable insights?

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Quantum Computing – A Massive Undertaking

Given the astronomical costs of establishing and maintaining quantum computers, even large entities with huge sums of cash can’t pull this off. Even if you can setup a quantum computing ecosystem, its really expensive to maintain and keep up to spec.

Secondly, the scope of using quantum computing is also relatively limited to the fields of academic research, cryptography and blockchain. This is partly due to the prohibitively high cost of quantum computing that’s setup on premises.

Why Quantum Computing Will Rise?

However, all this is about to change over the next few years. With every passing day, quantum computing driven insights are becoming more essential than ever to deliver the breakthroughs in numerous industries and disciplines we need.

By now, we have nearly fully exploited and exhausted the insights from traditional mathematical as well as computational models. To attain further breakthroughs in various walks of life, we need to bring in the big guns, which are quantum computers.

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The Cloud – A Perfect Ecosystem for Quantum Computing

As highlighted earlier, the prerequisites of quantum computers are so difficult to procure for stand alone organizations that most of them don’t even bother to try. Still, they want to leverage the modeling and computational prowess of quantum computers.

So, how do you bridge this gap between an ever increasing need and its non viability at the lower tier? Well, the answer lies in the Cloud and in this post, we will briefly touch upon each aspect of this argument.

Economies of Scale

Leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) across the globe are awake to the rising need for accessing quantum computing power. As a result, some of the larger cloud providers have already started to invest in cloud powered quantum computing resources.

This is simply based on the principle of “economies of scale”. Over the cloud, quantum computers will become accessible to a large pool of entities involved in Research and Development (R&D) across a wide range of disciplines.

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Flexibility of Quantum Computing over the Cloud

Don’t mistake quantum computers with your everyday devices. These are huge, delicate and require a highly controlled environment, given the magnitude of the workloads they tackle. So, it makes perfect sense to deploy them at a central location.

Once deployed centrally, such as the infrastructure of a cloud provider, these quantum computing resources will become remotely accessible to a large pool of users. Over the cloud, quantum computers will become accessible to a global user base.

High Impact Industries will Rapidly Innovate

As soon as quantum computing becomes more accessible via the Cloud, we will experience rapid innovation across a lot of “high impact industries”. Take the case of the pharmaceutical industry that has otherwise occupied center stage due to a pandemic.

By deploying quantum computers, pharmaceutical giants will be able to test and analyze a wide range of treatment options in record low times. This in turn can drastically reduce the roll out times of medicines for disease outbreaks as well as pandemics.

Metallurgy is yet another area that can greatly benefit from a cloud driven access to quantum computing. We will be able to test and analyze a lot of metals as well as similar materials to enhance attributes such as strength, flexibility or resistance to corrosion.

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This fast paced research that’s driven by cloud powered quantum computers can immensely elevate the quality of life we are already enjoying. It appears we are at the footsteps of yet another era of innovation that’s driven by cloud quantum computing.

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