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The world is evolving at a rapid pace, especially now that we are recovering from a global pandemic. While this health crisis has impacted us far and wide, it has completely transformed the global trade landscape.

What makes Cloud Computing the Perfect fit for E-Commerce

Before the full onslaught of Covid-19, there were some items in our daily lives we used to consider mandatory buying in person. Take the example of groceries or similar products that can’t be judged properly without seeing and feeling them in person.

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Now, we are in a completely different world. It has become a health hazard to go out and shop for even the most basic item, say milk. E-Commerce or online shopping, as we know it more commonly, has seen an unprecedented spike over the past few months.

This does not mean the trend of shopping online was slow in any way, before the pandemic. However, there has been a record increase in both the number of online shoppers and the orders being placed online.

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What Makes a Good E-Commerce Store?

Needless to say, you need to offer a wide assortment of brands and product range within those popular brands. Beyond this, what actually makes the difference for online shoppers is the user experience (UX) when you visit an online retailer.

Today’s online users have very high expectations for the performance of any e-commerce website. Even the slightest delay in opening of links or displaying product details may annoy an online shopper and ultimately hurt business.

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Effects of the Pandemic on Online Stores

As highlighted earlier, the Covid-19 pandemic has fuelled record demand for online shopping. It won’t be wrong to say that e-commerce stores that did not prepare their back end infrastructure for this high demand ultimately lost business to competitors.

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Where do Cloud Services Fit In?

Cloud solutions, such as the ones offered by leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) dinCloud are a perfect fit for supporting a vibrant online retail store.

Let’s discuss a few services of dinCloud that can be tailored to any e-commerce business model with ease.

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dinCloud Hosted Virtual Databases

Among its wide array of services, dinCloud offers some of the best Cloud Hosted Virtual Database solutions. Our virtual databases run on the latest SQL platform. Our cloud services are highly suited to both the customer facing front end and back end of your online store.

The backbone of any good e-commerce store is a highly efficient database of all products, their detailed specifications and any additional information. A super efficient cloud hosted database of your online store will provide an unmatchable level of user experience.

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Host Your Front End on dinServers

With the database part out of the way, let’s shift to the “face” of your online store, the frontend. This is the part where online visitors or prospective customers will actually interact with your website and available products.

dinCloud offers state of the art dedicated virtual servers to host the front end of your e-commerce store. These virtual servers can be provisioned from one of dinCloud’s global data centers. We will choose our data center that’s nearest to your target geography.

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Migrate Your Customer Support over dinHVDs

The last and perhaps most critical component of a good online store is Customer Support. This is the part where most online shoppers express the most dissatisfaction. It is largely due to a lackluster infrastructure that’s providing customer support.

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dinCloud offers super efficient Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) for your Customer Support Representatives (CSR). By leveraging dinHVDs, your support staff can entertain the queries and complaints of online shoppers round the clock, from anywhere.


If you have been wondering why your online business hasn’t taken off yet, its mostly likely due to an inefficient IT infrastructure. To propel you alongside leaders in the E-Commerce industry, you need a reliable Cloud Provider like dinCloud behind you.

Feel free to Contact Us for any queries or further clarifications about how we at dinCloud can transform your online store into a market leader.