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The old way of empowering employee productivity included a standard cubicle and desktop. Employees “signed in” at 8 am and “signed out” at 5 pm. Work and life had a definitive start and end times and not one second of the work day should be given to anything outside of the employee’s task list.

The old way meant that workers had to choose which was more important to them Work? Or family and those outside of work. This is a very unfair assertion to make and can significantly impact a business’s success in attracting and retaining top talent.

Another way of doing business that plagues businesses in “the old way” is the culture of the IT department and the need to maintain precise control over the business technology and applications employee need to accomplish their task list. The unintended effect of this policy is that users, in an attempt to be more productive, bypassed IT and thanks to the power of the “as-a-Service” revolution, installed their own app on their smartphone and/or desktop.

According to Search Enterprise Desktop when talking about other desktop strategies that, “Research indicates that the annual cost of complexity, in terms of lost productivity, is $800 per person.” Citrix and Search Enterprise Desktop theorize that digital workspaces of the future focus on how the user works, not forcing the user to work how the workspace works. The technology serves the people, not the other way around. When decisions are made in silos, and without the input of the users, it can result in users going outside of IT to get the tools they need to work the most efficiently. This can have unintended, irreversible security challenges.

Users Need Applications, and IT Needs to Ensure the Security of Corporate Data

Citrix Workspaces are attempting to do just that. In their blog on 3 Reasons Why Citrix Workspace Enables Experience, Security and Choice, Citrix says, “Organizational leaders constantly add new apps and solutions to meet specific business needs. Often they don’t understand the ramifications that those disparate apps and solutions will have on the overall user experience during a typical day’s work.

If data is to remain secure and organizations get the applications they need, then they must learn to work together. At the end of the day, the goal is the same. A more productive, efficient workforce that is enabled to work when, where and how they work best while maintaining the utmost security of corporate data.

4 Ways dinCloud and Citrix are the Perfect Solution

Cloud Hosting Expertise – dinCloud was “born in the cloud” meaning we live and breathe cloud solutions. We understand the nuances, challenges, and benefits of running a business using cloud technologies. Our team has over X years experience building and operating solutions in the cloud. When you partner with dinCloud to manage your Citrix implementation, you can be assured that your team member will have the latest knowledge and training in best practices to keep your business running and secure.

Easy Self Service – Some cloud providers bury basic tasks like adds, moves, and changes in a complex dashboard with an overwhelming menu. But dinCloud believes that everyone should be able to manage their solution on their own. So regardless of yours (or your assigned manager’s skill set), you can easily manage the day to day functions without needing the support of a certified engineer, streamlining your processes and ensuring the highest productivity of your staff.

Maintain full visibility and control – Our cloud orchestration portal puts the power of the cloud back in your hands. With dinManage, users retain full infrastructure-visibility and can modify or provision new cloud resources at any time and from anywhere, including your Citrix Installation.

Competitive Advantage – Citrix states on their own website that they are “building the workplace of the future so you can operationalize the technology you need to drive business forward.” The agility, flexibility, scale, and speed with which you can enable employees to be up and running can be the difference between winning that bid over your competitor or loosing.

Are you ready for the future of work?

dinCloud was the first cloud service provider to join the Citrix Ready program. We have a passion for helping businesses to to migrate to the cloud and enable business transformation rapidly. Each hosted private cloud offers hosted workspaces and cloud infrastructure that you control through direct and open access. dinCloud’s subscription-based services are tailored to fit a range of business models resulting in reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity.

Are you, or your management still unsure about moving to the cloud? This whitepaper, “Making a Case for DaaS,” shares some of the key benefits your business can achieve by moving to this next-generation platform. Download your copy today.