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Citrix Continues to Advance the Future of Work

Citrix Summit 2019 closed off the week, leaving partners and attendees alike filled with excitement over the things to come.  Citrix solutions have a long track record of enabling businesses to enhance communication and collaboration between internal employees and external customers.

It is no surprise that Citrix continues to advance the future of work with innovative workspace solutions, which was the key topic Citrix shared.

Citrix Expands to General Purpose Workspaces

At this surface, this almost seems like a step backwards for the workspace giant.  But when you look into it further, this could be as big as Unified Communications was to the telephony market.  General purpose workspaces brings together end to end connectivity between the virtual apps and desktops businesses already use and enables them to connect to other resources outside of the virtual space, all while maintaining the security of the users data.  These resources can include, but are not limited to, Web Apps, SaaS Apps, and end user content.  Citrix will move all of these disparate applications into one with the Citrix Workspace Application.

By doing so, Citrix is enabling an even more seamless transition between cloud and on-premise applications, further reducing the complexity businesses can encounter when moving desktops to the cloud.

Citrix Adds New Services

Citrix Continues to Advance the Future of Work

Increasingly, businesses are adding more and more cloud solutions to solve their business challenges.  This can add to the challenges of security and ease of management when you are dealing with multiple cloud environments.  Citrix aims to solve that challenge with the addition of the Citrix Cloud and Citrix Workspaces.   These services include access to secure browsers and access to data as well as analytics, collaboration and Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM).

What’s Next for Citrix and the Future of Work?

Citrix Continues to Advance the Future of Work

*dinCloud’s (from left to right) Mark Gierke (Cloud Solutions Specialist), Farhan Mirza (Sr. Director of Infrastructure & Engineering) and David Graffia (Vice President, Sales) spoke to attendees about dinCloud’s ability to help businesses affect real digital transformation.

Citrix is not abandoning their traditional market focus, but is pushing to move beyond just virtualization.  By marrying the past (on-premise) with the future (cloud), Citrix is enabling businesses to affect change in their workspaces.  Craig Stillwell, the Vice President of Worldwide Sales, told ChannelFutures that “The Citrix Workspace, which lives in and is powered by Citrix Cloud, is the answer to being able to address the other 60-70 percent of employers’ customers.”  Citrix continues to remove barriers that businesses face in effectively managing a move to the cloud, and dinCloud is excited to partner with this innovative brand to bring the Future of Work to you.

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