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Building a Competitive Business with Virtual Robots

It’s an extremely competitive world out there and not only in the sports arena. Businesses are always looking for ways to capture the interests of their clientele by delivering high quality products, but with tight turnarounds and lowering budgets. To survive, it is essential that businesses innovate and one way they can achieve that is by adopting new technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and virtual robots.

Self Reported Current Profit Margin

Summer 2017

This summer, the McKinsey Global Institute and McKinsey & Company released an 80 page discussion paper discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the State of AI. The paper, titled “Artificial Intelligence: The Next Digital Frontier?” had some very interesting points that we wanted to share with you in this blog, but if you would like to read the entire paper, you can find it here

Small Medium Business Challenges

It’s a common mis-perception that the majority of businesses and employers in America are large corporations such as Google or Apple.

Are Robots Replacing Humans ? – dinCloud

Robots have been prolific in science fiction stories for decades.  Who can forget the iconic figures Data from Star Trek or C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars?  In more recent years, robots have taken on a larger role, moving from the denizens of science fiction to a fixture in the business landscape.

James the Virtual Robot

dinCloud is excited to announce the release of its latest service, James the Virtual Robot, a software testing and monitoring service that works around the clock to ensure user systems are working as expected. There’s definitely more to James than initially meets the eye. 

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