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Latest IT Technology Trends in Higher Education

According to a recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 44 million borrowers are struggling with paying back an astounding amount of $1.3 trillion in student debt. As a result, there’s an increasing trend in the average dropout rate in public higher education institutions, as most students cannot justify the costl

dinCloud’s Directly Connects Microsoft to Microsoft

In the age of innovation, dinCloud tops the list for constantly working to enhance its cloud offering. dinCloud has just recently announced dinWorkspace, a new clutter-free virtual desktop allow users to experience Windows 10 natively through their desktop without third party connection brokers or components. 

How Chromebook Transformed the Tech Industry – dinCloud

It was just a few years ago that your choices for a smart device were: phone, tablet, or laptop. There wasn’t much in between if you wanted to stay on top of your business and personal demands. But thanks to Chromebooks, and the Chrome OS ecosystem they have created, there are massive changes happening in the tech industry.

Common Cloud Application Deployment by Department

Businesses providing cloud-based services and products to enterprise organizations need to focus on enhancing their interoperability and integration capabilities if they intend to reap thebenefits of an expected growth in cloud adoption within the next two years.

Last month, I attended Salesforce's annual conference, Dreamforce. This year's Dreamforce was the largest to-date, with more than 170,000 registered attendees, reflecting the growing popularity of the company's core CRM software as an easy to deploy, flexible platform for hosting sales and other front-office related processes.

As logic might suggest, the level of success a technology strategy brings to bear is directly affected by the level of commitment to that strategy. So, it comes as little surprise when research firm IDC unveils a report showing that the benefits of cloud services increase exponentially as a company’s level of adoption increases. Perhaps less intuitive, however, were findings that illustrated how even a small increase in adoption level can lead to significant advances in business performance benefits.

It's not a question of if the channel will incorporate a cloud offering into their portfolios, but when, and the clock is ticking. Failure to embrace the cloud will lead to failure for most channel companies because the cloudprivate, public, and hybrid – is the future of IT.

I just finished working with my colleagues on the latest forecast of the mobile workforce in the U.S., defined as workers who require mobility to manage their daily workload. Unsurprisingly, we are forecasting that mobility will grow as a strategic business priority within companies of all sizes. That said, workers from companies with less than 1,000 employees now represent over half of the entire U.S.

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