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Why need cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery – dinCloud
Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities and Mitigation of Risk

The tech world was rocked at the dawn of the new year with the announcement of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. The blogosphere is brimming with information and suggestions on what you can do to help mitigate the risk these vulnerabilities cause in every device with computing power. Affected devices include desktops, laptops and thin clients, tablets and even your cell phones. And no manufacturer, OS or deployment is immune.

Key Insights for Banking and Securities Industry 2018 and Beyond – dinCloud

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~Leonardo DaVinci

During 2017, the financial services industry went through structural changes and looked to invest in technologies driving digital transformation. The key driver was to adopt new operating models with a goal of achieving greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Steps Higher Education can take to Embrace Security Cloud

While higher ed institutions around the country have largely embraced the cloud and have started to migrate their systems in large numbers, a recent CIO Review article reports that there are lingering concerns. Specifically, “reservations when it comes to their core systems.

Verizon Falls Prey to AWS Complexity

Verizon Wireless was just one of the latest companies to fall victim to a security breach.

The security firm, Kromtech Security and their researchers were able to access documents labeled confidential in an unsecured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Storage bucket. 

Cloud Adoption Trends in the Legal Industry

As a professional in the legal industry, you may have been reading articles and hearing from colleagues about the traction and momentum for cloud services. Deciphering cloud solutions for your particular needs is still convoluted.

Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks published an article on cyber attacks on businesses that reviewed the findings from a British Chambers of Commerce Study.

Read the original article from ComputerWeekly.

IAM Enabled with Cloud

There is almost nothing worse than a case of mistaken identity. If you count yourself amongst the masses that prefer to keep things like access permissions in order, then pay close attention – you’ll find important information ahead. Perhaps you haven’t heard of Identity and Access Management  (IAM) systems? Well, you’re most certainly not alone. If you have, then a refresher could be a good idea.

Dealing with DNS in the Era of DDoS – dinCloud

With DDoS attacks making news coverage, we wanted to go over what DNS is and how you can better protect your infrastructure.

Current and Planned Uses for IaaS

Discussions of server virtualization benefits tend to start with potential cost savings. After all, hardware generally is the most expensive element in the data center, and virtualization, which enables a single machine to be broken down into several virtual machines, meaning fewer servers and related IT hardware. This effectively reduces the data center footprint, along with power, cooling, maintenance, and management requirements.


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