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The Cloud Lends New Efficiencies to Lending Businesses

The cloud is driving innovation and business transformation in the lending sector, an industry that has seen a lot of change the years since Dodd-Frank was put into effect. In a crowded, highly competitive market, in which speed is critical, any innovation with the potential to bring operational efficiency offers major competitive advantages.

Hosted QuickBooks Solutions from dinCloud

For millions of businesses across the country, QuickBooks plays a central role in day-to-day operations. However, now that cloud use is widespread, there’s an easier way to leverage the software within your company. Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud allows you to make more efficient use of the platform, quickly and easily deploying it to your accounting staff, regardless of where they may be located.

Senior Care Entering a Golden Age of Technological Innovation – dinCloud

On a recent visit to a senior care facility, I was struck by the gradual but prominent integration of modern technology. In an industry that has been slow to evolve its practices, innovation is starting to seep in. So much so, that the impact was noticeable when compared to how things worked just a few years ago (when I visited a similar facility).

Moving in the Direction of Customers

The statistics abound – customers are moving to the cloud – period. Learn about opportunities for the IT channel to step in and add guidance and value.

Legacy Apps: The Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct Yet - dinCloud

Have You invested a lot in your applications and want the full return on your investment? Well, You do not necessarily need to replace your legacy apps, but you do need to manage them.

It’s tempting to dismiss legacy applications as dinosaurs--outdated and doomed to extinction, but don’t be too quick to write them off. Being a dinosaur is not bad at all.

There are many ways in which healthcare professionals and their patients benefit as cloud platforms are adopted. Here are some of the most important:

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