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The ongoing pandemic has triggered the world’s largest remote work exercise. As millions of businesses across the globe hastily move to remote connectivity solutions, cyber security stakes are also rising at an exponential rate.

Adoption of Cloud Security Solutions Registers a Sharp Increase

When speedily transitioning to some sort of remote productivity apparatus, security is an area that turns out to be the major casualty. This can be due to many factors such as undue haste, lack of technical expertise or even financial constraints.

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Cloud and Remote Work

In the search for remote productivity solutions, cloud powered solutions are generally the top choice. The inherent flexibility, robustness and scalability of the cloud make it an ideal fit for incorporating a remote work environment.

However, concerns around security of cloud based solutions and applications is nothing new. The only difference is that most individuals or enterprises prospecting for cloud solutions now view these concerns objectively, rather than mere hearsay.

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Securing Your Remote Work Platform

Once you have finalized the platform through which you intend to support your workforce remotely, you immediately need to start thinking about its security. In case you have opted in favor of an on premise solution, its security will also be your sole responsibility.

If the decision is made in favor of a cloud based solution, the core elements of cyber security will be the responsibility of your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. However, cloud security is most effective under the “shared responsibility” model.

Your CSP alone, even if it’s a secure cloud provider like dinCloud, will never be able to fully secure your remote work architecture from constantly evolving cyber threats completely on its own. Your IT admins and more importantly, end users will have to play their due role.

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What is Cloud Based Security?

As the reliance on cloud for core business operations increases, people have started to ask themselves this fundamental question. If cloud providers like dinCloud are meeting our architectural needs so effectively, why not entrust them with cyber security as well?

Well, the answer to this question may have been in the negative a few months back. But the way cloud industry in general and emerging cloud provider dinCloud in particular have risen to the occasion in the backdrop of the current pandemic, it is simply phenomenal.

This highly effective and well prepared response of Cloud Providers has further elevated the status of cloud providers and the services or solutions they offer. Now, the reliance on cloud based cyber security solutions is gaining a lot of attention and positive response.

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Why Choose a Cloud Based Security Solution?

Due to its very nature, cloud based entities are much more susceptible to cyber threats as compared to highly secure internal corporate networks. Cloud providers, in most cases, rely on the internet for service delivery, which is by far the most hostile security environment.

Cyber miscreants from all across the world will try to exploit even the slightest weakness, loophole or oversight in your cyber security protocols and gain access to your infrastructure to wreak havoc with it.

Due to their constant exposure to a broad spectrum of cyber threats, cloud based security providers in general and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) in particular are perhaps in the best position to confront as well as counter these threats.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to adopt a cloud based security solution and provider for your cyber security needs. Their solutions work equally well for both on premise as well as cloud environments alike.

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Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments

The rising trend of hybrid and multi cloud deployments has further facilitated the integration of cloud based security solutions in your existing IT architecture. With the cloud industry evolving so rapidly, cloud based security solutions are also up to speed.

dinCloud and Cyber Security

At dinCloud, we have an impeccable track record in cyber security. Our global data centers are independently certified for some of the best international standards of physical and cyber security. We strongly believe in a proactive approach to cyber threats.

dinCloud Integrates Sophos Security

Recently, dinCloud has further consolidated its already robust cyber security posture by integrating the world’s best security suite offered by Sophos. We have integrated Sophos Intercept X suite of cyber security solutions for our endpoints and servers alike.

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The end result is a super secure cloud infrastructure, whether your avail our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) or Cloud Hosted Virtual Servers. To facilitate our valued cloud users, dinCloud has fully integrated Sophos into dinManage, our cloud management portal.


If you are prospecting for a remote productivity solution that’s robust, reliable and secure, you need to look no further than dinCloud’s industry leading virtual desktops, virtual servers and virtual database management solutions.

Our industry leading Cloud Hosted Solutions can be equipped with some of the world’s best cyber security solutions with just a few clicks. It otherwise makes perfect sense to use a unified platform for cloud productivity and cloud security, which is dinCloud.

Contact Us for all your queries about establishing a reliable, secure and robust remote productivity platform that’s also secured by some of the world’s best cloud security solutions.