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During the worldwide Microsoft Partner Conference in Houston this July, Microsoft announced dinCloud as a recipient of the Partner of the Year Finalist Award – in the category of Cloud Services for Small Business. What an honor!

Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards Each year, thousands of Microsoft partners apply for the Partner of the Year Award. dinCloud was the only recognized nominee that was a finalist for the Cloud, Small / Medium Business category in the United States.

The application process is quite enduring to prove the value you serve to customers in providing cloud services for a specific segment of the market.

Microsoft Cloud for SMB Award Finalist Recognition by Microsoft has been an extreme honor for us at dinCloud. While we have been fortunate to receive praise from many highly acclaimed organizations, this recognition really makes dinCloud stand out. It is important to receive this recognition because our customer focus is on helping companies migrate.

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Catering to the Specific Needs of the SMB Market

Our business provisioning enables companies to rapidly migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud. But it goes beyond just infrastructure – the hands on support that we call white glove treatment, helps companies feel assured that their journey onto the cloud goes smoothly and remains that way – hence, our Heavenly Experience slogan.

Value and Cost Savings from Cloud Services Microsoft conducted a case study around dinCloud’s value proposition as well and published a case study on its website discussing the 50% cost savings recognized by dinCloud’s customer.

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