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When we first introduced our cloud orchestration and management platform, we received a great reception. This resulted in us pursuing a patent on its capabilities.

Most notably, dinManage ’s patent application includes a design for automation of Microsoft Active Directory. The idea behind this capability is to make the management of users much easier on a company and to reduce the time it takes to on-board to the cloud.

After all, moving to the cloud should not be a major ordeal. Rapid migration of your IT infrastructure, which we call business provisioning, should be about flexibility and speed. dinCloud ensures that the software we developed as dinManage helps automate as many processes and streamline the migration and management of a virtual private data center. Meanwhile, our partners and internal team of engineers are available to hand hold customers through the on-boarding.

System management requirements continue to evolve with the software defined data center, and it is with this constant innovation that we look to simplify the interface to our cloud server management tool, dinManage.

In the latest version (screenshots of dinManage below), you will see the design element make it much easier for customers to rapidly provision and manage their virtual private data center and the components therein of their software defined data center. And we are always seeking customers and partners’ feedback to help us improve our software.

Add desktops and servers in the virtual private dinCloud infrastructure in minutes:

dinManage cloud server software

Scale up/down virtual resources of your cloud servers at any time

dinManage Cloud Server Management System

White-label enabled for Channel Partners

dinCloud server management

For more information on our Hosted Virtual Server, please visit our Hosted Virtual Server page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.