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When I hear the phrase “Cloud Evolution” I think of all the advancements that are presently being made in the public, private and hybrid cloud hosting services.  I think of system automations which include real time provisioning and de-provisioning of servers and desktops, upgrading VM resources without losing data, and a virtual datacenter that is intelligent enough to analyze and carry out self-maintenance.  I envision the ability to report on application and license usage, assisting IT professionals in making smarter decisions based on real time analytics. To do this, you usually have to find an outside software publisher to customize the analytical software for you. Even though this is an alternative, with the huge costs associated with customized software, and with the degradation in performance, specifically with Hosted Virtual Desktop, the end user experience is unacceptable. I see a Hosted Virtual Desktop that allows users to maintain high performance at a low cost.

This Cloud Evolution is realistic and possible but it all boils down to one question–which cloud provider can deliver on all of the above with minimal automation? When we talk about cloud it comes down to the turnkey virtual datacenter delivered by an end-to-end cloud automation system that will manage the virtual datacenter lifecycle. Fortunately there is dinManage by dinCloud, a cloud tool that optimizes end-to-end technology lifecycle as a serve governed by futuristic technologies. This is the first piece of realizing the evolution of the cloud.

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