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dinCloud has received analyst coverage from several notable firms. Below are a few of these quotes. For more coverage, please visit our News page.

“The number one barrier to client virtualization adoption is a lack of internal resources and skills. Also high on the list is immaturity of the technologies. However, as we see with other cloud and SaaS technologies, these concerns can go away when a provider has the expertise and infrastructure already, and the service is easy to consume and affordable. DaaS providers like … dinCloud have considerable experience and maturing infrastructures”.

David Johnson, Forrester Research

“Over the years, dinCloud has consistently provided its customer base with a robust set of security capabilities. Through the new dinDNS service, dinCloud aims to differentiate itself from the competition with another important and affordable way to ensure that a customer’s cloud environment is highly secure”.

Karin Kelley, consulting analyst, Structure Research.

“The market is ripe for cloud services companies to lead the pack with online provisioning and management tools for specific cloud tasks. dinManage stands out not just because of its business model, but also because it helps customers manage their entire virtual data center including desktops, servers, storage and security”.

Mark Bowker, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

“DinCloud delivers channel-focused offers, enabling VARs, SPs and MSPs to white label offers in stack in a virtual private data center (public cloud hosted) offer. dinCloud competes with AWS and Rackspace. However, dinCloud’s advantage is that it delivers multi-customer offerings versus solely multitenant as AWS and Rackspace do”.

Lauren Robinette, principal analyst, ACG Research

“dinCloud’s intellectual property (IP) is its secret sauce–allowing the company to embrace a new generation of cloud-oriented data center requirements and also making it unlikely that the company’s solutions will be replicated by individual enterprise efforts”.

David Hill, Mesabi Group

“DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) is poised for growth and dinCloud has positioned itself extremely well”.

Anurag Agrawal, Techaisle

“dinCloud is a good example of a number of converging trends in infrastructure and IT services. It provides a service delivery model and a range of infrastructure services that can help IT services providers get to market faster with a comprehensive offering”.

Carl Brooks, research analyst at 451 Research

“As the #1 hosted virtual desktop (HVD) provider, dinCloud is helping organizations with 50-500 employees to deploy everything from desktops, to virtual servers to offsite backup infrastructure. We feel SMBs potentially have the most to gain by adopting Cloud solutions and dinCloud appears to be well positioned to help them make this transition”.

Colm Keegan, Storage Switzerland

“DinCloud has scored some impressive partners. In particular, its relationship with Microsoft gives it an advantage in a highly competitive market that continues to be constrained by the Redmond giant. dinCloud can offer VDI at affordable prices because of its special relationship with Microsoft and its licensing practices”.

Karin Kelly, analyst, infrastructure software, 451 Research