Cloud Transformation Services

Business Provisioning

dinCloud’s Business Provisioning process evaluates a company’s existing IT infrastructure and rapidly migrates the business to the cloud. A business typically has desktops, applications, servers, storage and networking components. All these are enabled and linked into a private virtual data center. Customers can control as much of this infrastructure as they want through an online cloud orchestration and management platform, dinManage.


Learn more about our cloud based services: dinHVD (hosted virtual desktops), dinServer (hosted virtual servers) and dinBackup (NetApp-based enterprise cloud storage).


Hosted Virtual Desktops
dinHVD, is a co-managed, subscription based hosted desktop that is “move-in ready” with the full spectrum of what is needed to simplify PC fleet management.


Hosted Virtual Servers
dinServer simplifies the hosting of servers and applications with complete data center capabilities including security, firewalls, and most importantly, control in your hands.


NetApp Cloud Storage
dinBackup simplifies the replication and data protection of your NetApp-based storage to the dinCloud NetApp-based infrastructure using familiar tools and processes.


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